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Important Update: April 2017

April 28, 2017, the Data Feed for AI Trader Bot has been frozen. The AI Trader Bot relies on this data feed, and because the feed is frozen, the AI Trader Bot is not making decisions on current data. Data Feeds are not cheap. Perhaps in the future, if it is worth the time and money, this site can be revived.

“The AI Swing Trader Robot doesn’t just follow hard-coded human designed rules and algorithm. Instead, I teach the AI Swing Trader Robot about the World (over 700 World Observation Points), and the AI Swing Trader Robot makes up its own trading rules, and continuously learns about the world.”


The AI Swing Trader Robot, after learning about the World, will intelligently find favorable times when to buy the “SPY” Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), representing the S&P 500 US Stocks, and hold the ETF any number of days from one day to thirty days.

The AI Trader Bot can be optimized for a one to thirty day holding period.

After the trading day (after 7 pm PST, 10 pm Eastern), the AI Trader Bot will determine whether or not there will be a Buy Signal for a 5 Day Optimized, 10 Day Optimized, 20 Day Optimized, or 30 Day Optimized. A Buy Signal means that the “SPY” ETF can be bought at the opening market price the next trading day.

After the “SPY” ETF is bought, the “SPY” ETF can be held for the optimized number of days.

In this particular scenario (and the method used in a 65 year backtest), here are the selling rules:

  1. Sell if SPY achieves a 6% profit.
  2. Sell if SPY achieves a 2% loss.
  3. If at the end of the optimized holding period the SPY is being held, sell at market close.

There is a simulated $10 transaction cost per buy or sell transaction. The higher the transaction cost percentage per trade, the more difficult it will be to beat the other portfolios.

Where are the Buy Signals?

In the “Portfolio Results” page, there is a “Buy Signal” section. If the table is empty, then there is no Buy Signal for the day. If there are entries in the “Buy Signal” table, then there is a Buy Signal for the particular portfolio.

When are the Buy Signals Updated?

The Buy Signals and Portfolio Results page are updated around 11 pm Eastern Time and 8 pm Pacific Time on trading days. If there is a “Buy Signal”, it is meant to be executed at market open (on the ETF SPY) the next trading day.

Can I Buy or Download the Program?

As an individual user, there is no Program to download. The “Portfolio Results” page will be automatically updated at the times mentioned above after a trading day.

How much does it cost?

Right now, the “Buy Signals” posted in the “Portfolio Results” page are provided to you for Free . If you would like to support us, you can donate money using the PayPal Widget located on this page to the right . We would appreciate it very much.

How do I follow the performance of the AI Trader System?

The results are regularly updated in the “Portfolio Results” page. There are multiple automated sample portfolios listed there.

The user takes their own responsibility for their trading, and trading can result in losses. (The usual statements).

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