This site has implemented four AI Trader Portfolios optimized for:

  1. AI Trader 5 Day Optimized
  2. AI Trader 10 Day Optimized
  3. AI Trader 20 Day Optimized
  4. AI Trader 30 Day Optimized

There is also a “Buy and Hold” Portfolio and a Random Buy Portfolio with:

  1. Random Buy 5 Day Holding Period
  2. Random Buy 10 Day Holding Period
  3. Random Buy 20 Day Holding Period
  4. Random Buy 30 Day Holding Period

The Random Buy Portfolio uses the same Sell Rules as the AI Trader Portfolios which means, sell at 6% profit, 2% loss, or at the market close at the end of the optimized holding period.

Each Portfolio starts with a test $20,000 starting balance, which was started on Tuesday, December 22, 2015. There is a simulated $10 transaction cost per buy or sell transaction.